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PYSE Ensembles

I just got an email that says that PSYE is shutting down until further notice, which means no new students will be admitted, no orchestras will run and all fees will be refunded. This is very disappointing, but understandable due to the pandemic. However, it is very disappointing for those students who worked all summer preparing an audition.


Our summer is starting to come to a close, as school starts in a month.  Let’s look at what is coming up for the next school year.

All-State and All-Southern Orchestras have published their audition music. It is available on this site: . Click on Jr. High or High School. For IUSD middle school students, this will also be the preaudition music for IUSD Honor Orchestra.

CM Registration starts in October. I have been hearing through the grapevine that it will be all online this year, with both the evaluation and the music theory test being administered electronically. I’ll post more details on how it will work once I know.